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We teach how to use real tools to build real things. Students work with our Guides to learn how to use hand tools, power tools, electronics, robotics, 3d printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines, computer modeling and design software, computer game development software, virtual reality, and new media to design and build just about anything. Our goal is to inspire and guide the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers by teaching kids and teens to be producers rather than consumers of technology.

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Creating Opportunities

Bit Space is the leader in maker education for kids. Whether it's a kid or teen just starting their maker education, an experienced teacher trying to integrate new skills into their classroom, or an administrator trying to expand access to makerspace facilities across their district, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to bring the benefits of a well-rounded maker education to almost anyone. We offer camps and classes at our own makerspaces and in schools, publish a comprehensive maker curriculum, support educators with professional development courses, and design and build makerspaces for schools and school districts.

"The training my colleagues and I received from Bit Space allowed us to move beyond tinkering with cardboard and duct tape to real materials, tools, and professional software."
Jeanette Simenson – Gurolnick
Technology Facilitator
District 34 - Glenview